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Dry, Cracked, or Scaly Feet? Try Dr. Francis Foot CBD

Our poor little tootsies. Those aching dogs. Unappreciated arches. Ten little piggies. Whatever you call them, our feet are the essential and yet often overlooked foundation for our entire body. Feet affect posture, balance, support and overall well-being. Energy and movement are transferred from the ground up, making their way through our feet and into our ankles, knees, hips and spine, and going all the way up to our neck and head.

Good foot health is important for those wishing to live an active life. Our feet are essential to get moving and do all the things we need and want to do. Those lucky enough to not experience foot problems probably never even contemplate the importance of their feet, but statistics show that 75 percent of all Americans will experience foot problems at one time or another — and having dry, rough or cracked feet is an extremely common problem.

Dry skin on the feet can occur from medical conditions such as:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes

And just as well as from everyday living factors like:

  • Heat and humidity
  • Irritation
  • Aging
  • Medication
  • Soap

Not to mention dry feet can be caused by a general lack of moisture because our soles and heels have fewer oil glands than skin found anywhere else on the body.

Dead skin cells on the feet do fall off naturally, allowing new cells to take their place — but if a person ignores their feet and allows dead skin cells to build up without removal, those cells can form thick, dry, flaky patches that are not only unsightly but can even be dangerous. Thick calluses not only make walking difficult at times, but if the skin on the foot becomes too dry to support the immense pressure placed on it when the foot expands, that dry skin begins to split, causing “fissures” or cracks — and those cracked heels make the body far more vulnerable to infection. Yikes.

To make matters worse, there are two times of the year when you’re even more likely to experience extra foot dryness: During the summer, when many people wear sandals, open-back shoes, or even walk around barefoot on warm surfaces — but also during the winter when we tend to be indoors with heaters and radiators that create even more overall dryness in the air.

And here’s the really crazy thing — a lot of the home remedies people use to combat dry skin on their feet can make their situation even worse instead of better! Using metal files or callus removers actually traumatizes the skin can make even more calluses in the long run. Soaking in warm water and Epsom salts, while it may feel relaxing, can dry feet out even more. The body produces oil to lubricate the skin, and soaking in water washes away those oils, making the whole thing completely counterproductive. And foot peels, while they may indeed make your feet feel smoother and softer, are often laden with highly abrasive chemicals in unregulated doses. 

CBD for Cracked Feet

So if you’re one of the millions suffering from dry, cracked, scaly feet — what’s the answer? 

CBD. That’s right, cannabidiol. CBD not only encourages natural oil production within the body to prevent drying, but the best CBD for foot problems have also demonstrated anti-inflammatory and rejuvenation properties. That means CBD for dry feet may be a preventative measure and could actually help with healing already damaged areas too. Not to mention that the mere act of massaging topical CBD for dry feet into the skin feels wonderful and can aid in relaxation. 

With all the recent legislation regarding the legalization of CBD products, you can find CBD pretty much everywhere these days — from retail chain stores to supermarkets to the gas station down the street. But here’s where it gets tricky: Not all CBD is created equally. So if you are suffering from cracked and aching feet, going for the cheapest CBD for cracked feet you can find isn’t a smart move. You want the purest and highest quality CBD for cracked feet available, with products designed specifically for the body part you want to treat. And of course you want all of that at the best price possible. What you want is the premium CBD foot line from Dr. Francis.

Best CBD for Foot Problems

This curated collection of best CBD for foot problems are special and unique because the whole line was created by Dr. Francis himself. With a background in both chemistry and podiatric surgery the products were developed with an extensive framework of expertise in both science and medicine. Dr. Francis then chose to work exclusively with the best laboratories to formulate holistic foot care CBD products as an alternative to medications with numerous potential side effects.

Each Dr. Francis product has been fully tested before release and comes with a Certificate of Analysis so you can trust you’re getting the right amount of CBD and less than 0.3% THC. So whether you choose the Dr. Francis Foot & Body Butter, the Foot & Body Cool Relief CBD Roll-On, or the Intensive Relief Foot & Body Cream, rest easy knowing you are getting the finest possible CBD for cracked feet available anywhere. If you want to be proactive with your health and wellness, treat yourself to the Dr. Francis CBD Combo Bundle that allows you to try all three products at significant savings. 

And ordering the best CBD for dry feet couldn’t be easier — you just place your order on the Dr. Francis Foot CBD website from the comfort of your very own home at your convenience, any time day or night. Before you know it, the absolute best CBD for foot problems will be delivered right to your door. Shipping is always free on orders over $60. Get the latest news and be eligible for promotions and giveaways by joining the mailing list, and the Dr. Francis team is always more than happy to provide guidance. Why suffer when happy and healthy feet are only a mouse click away? Let Dr. Francis put that much-deserved spring back into your step. Treat yourself to one or all of the Dr. Francis foot care CBD products today.

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